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Saturday, March 20, 2010

If the Shoe Fits

Denim Embellished Sandals

These sandals were handed down to me from my sister who got them from a neighbor.  She only gave them to me because they were too small for her.  It’s strange, we’re twins but our shoe sizes’ are so different.  I’m a size 7, out of respect I won’t mention her size.

Anyway, I thought they were kind of cute, but a little….I can’t quite describe it.   Let’s say they weren’t my taste.  To fix that, I shredded some denim leftover from my previous project and glued it on.  Then added some bric-brac trim. 

Super-super easy to do, the hardest part was deciding what to use.  I couldn’t decide whether to use the denim or a printed fabric.  After that, I had trouble deciding whether to use the bric-brac or maybe some patches or paint.  I almost covered them with white bows.  And then, I wondered what color trim to use.  I had the same problem with yesterday’s project.  It’s easy to have too many options.

Here’s the updated list:
Seven down, four to go.  The next one should be easier to make decisions about.

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