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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have an obsession with rubber stamps.  I’m not sure why, I’m not really big on card making or scrapbooking.  There’s just something so appealing about those cute little images formed into a stamp and mounted to wood or foam.  

photos 138It all started one day when I was browsing at Bookman’s among the craft stuff.  They had all these stamps in a huge bowl, I spent several minutes looking through it all.  I picked out this little strawberry and bunny and one other stamp.  It has continued on since then.  It isn’t that bad of a hobby.  Bookman’s usually has a good selection, normally priced from 25 cents to 1 dollar.  And I only use trade credit for them so it isn’t costing me any money.

photos 146

After the first few, I found this set of stamps for only 4 dollars (in trade).  I just imagined all the cute things I could make and embellish with them.  Mostly things like stationary and pretty shopping lists.  I still haven’t used them for anything, but I do enjoy looking at them.

photos 142

This one I actually have used, the purpose should be obvious.  I made gift tags last Christmas for all my handcrafted gifts.  They went well with the handmade fabric wrappings.

photos 139 Of these two, I got the first one because it made me think of my cat, plus the one that said “meow, meow” had a price I wasn’t willing to pay.  The other one I got fairly recently because I was hoping for at least some sign of Spring.  Still hoping.

photos 144

These had a similar inspiration to the spring one, plus the fact that they came as a set which included an ink pad.  I think they’d work for card or maybe for a charm bracelet.  Umm.

photos 136

These last three are the most recent additions to my collection.  I spotted the head of lettuce while leaving and spent the whole day thinking about it.  Something about it is just so appealing to me, although I think it’d be cuter if it was a head of cabbage.  I’ve said it before, my tastes are odd.  When I went back for it, I found the other two stamps.  The bear mail postage stamp was adorable and cheaper than a similar stamp.  I’m not sure what the last one is supposed to be, but it reminded me of fireworks.  Maybe it’d be good for Independence Day.

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