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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well Skirted

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These jeans were forcibly handed down to me.   They didn’t fit very well in some parts, so I never liked them.  The waistband was interesting and it screamed to be made into a skirt.  Otherwise it’s your basic jeans to skirt conversion.  Usually for these kind of things, I just leave the edge to fray, but I decided to hem the bottom of this.  It’s classier, plus the jeans were stretch and the elastic threads looked funny.  I used some scraps from an old skirt to make a sash for a finishing touch.  Now I’ve got a brand new skirt to squeeze into my overloaded closet.  Maybe it’s time for some clearing out.
Here’s the updated list:
  • skirt
  • dress shorts
  • bookmarks
  • boxes
  • key necklace
  • cutoffs
  • embellished wedges
  • rings
  • soap
  • Top
  • luggage makeover
One down, ten to go.  Next is the shorts, assuming dress shorts are possible.

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