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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Five a Week: Bracelets

It occurred to me that lately I haven’t been making things as much as I would like.  I’ve done a few larger projects over the space of a few months, but it’s nice to have some nice smaller one to work on throughout the week. 

So I came up with something, the Five a Week Pledge.  My goal is to make five small small crafts each week.  My original thought was seven, but I think five is a more manageable number.  The first part of the plan is to work on them all week and then post how I did each Sunday.  Now here’s the second part, I want others to join me.  All you have to do is pick something you want/need to do more frequently and pledge to do it at least five times each week.  You can grab Five a Week button if you wish, it does make it more fun.  Then just come back here each week to share what you accomplished.

And since it’s Sunday, here’s my first batch of crafts.

five faux pearl bracelets


For the first week I wanted to do something simple to ease myself in a little.  I had a bunch of faux pearl beads and stretch cord, so I started playing with them.  I love the look of pearls, they are just so pretty and can be worn in so many ways.  I can’t decide whether to keep them all for myself or list them in my shop.  And that’s more news.  I’m reopening my zibbet shop soon or actually a new, improved shop.  I’ll make a proper announcement as soon as it is open.  Look forward to it.  :)


  1. I love productivity challenges. What a great way to build inventory for an on-line store or Etsy Shop!

    1. Productivity Challenge. I like the way that sounds.

  2. I just found your post on the Snickerdoodle link party. I love y our challenge idea. My friends laugh at me because I work on Christmas projects for my church's annual bazaar all year. This time I just looked at them and said, "I have other things to do to make me crazy at Christmastime!" This week it was cloth gift bags and some jingle bells straps. Works for me!


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