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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sleepwear Makeovers: Pants to Cute Pajama Set and a Bonus

I said a couple days later, but here’s the next craft project a couple weeks later. :(

A cute but too big pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse pajama pants.  These will be turned into a cute set of pj shorts and top.

Anyway, I found this cute pair of pink pajama pants at a thrift store for only $1, score!

Close up of the Mickey and Minnie print on the cute pajama pants.

They have this cute Mickey and Minnie mouse print.

The problem was that not only were they too big, but I found them too warm to wear here in Arizona.  I prefer to wear shorts for sleeping.

That’s an easy thing to do, and it would leave fabric leftover, for what?  Then I thought, why not make a cute top?  Why not make a set of pajamas?

Pajama Pants to Cute Pj Set Tutorial

So let’s turn old pajama pants into a cute new pajama set. 

The pajama pants with the legs cut off, just need to adjust and hem them for shorts.

First, I cut the legs of the pants to make shorts.  I cut them about an inch longer than I wanted, so I could hem them later.

Re-sewing the inseam area on the shorts to take them in and fix the hole in that area.

Then I pinned and stitched the inseam and took it in about 1.5 inches.  This was both to make the too big shorts fit me better, and to deal with a little hole I noticed in the crotch area.  Problems solved.

The new pajama shorts, complete and ready to wear.

Then all I had to do was re-hem the shorts with a zig-zag stitch.

New pajama shorts completed!

Now for the top.  This is a drawstring tank top made a lot like the doll tank tops from my video tutorial.  Check it out if you have a little trouble with this.

The cut off legs of the pants, cut open and laid flat together with right sides together.  This is now the fabric that will be used for a cute top.

First I took the cut off legs and cut down the side to open them up.  Layer them together right sides together, and you have fabric for the top. 

I wanted the top to fit loosely, but depending on how wide your fabric is (and how wide you are), you may want to trim it a little before sewing.

I used the already hemmed part of the fabric for the top of the tank top, it will be used as a casing for the ribbon. 

The fabric with curves cut out for the arms.

I first cut the top corners off in a curve shape, (use a tank top that fits as a cutting guide if needed).

The top with the sides pinned and ready to sew.

Then I pinned and stitched the sides of the tank top.

Once fixed, the new shorts can be hemmed.

Then the bottom was ready for hemming.

Ribbons threaded through the top of the tank top and a cute bow added to the front.

All that was left to do was thread ribbons through the “casings” and tie to form the straps.  I added a ribbon bow to the front just for fun.

The finished tank top with ribbons and all.

And now the drawstring tank top is done…

The finished pajama set, drawstring tank top with shorts with a cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse print.

…And the pajama set is ready to wear.

Now here’s the bonus.  A cute night gown makeover. 

A t-shirt style night gown.  It will be turned into a cute pajama set.

I got this cute night gown at a thrift store ages ago.

A close up of the cute print of the night gown, it's blue with little bunnies, kitties and cows.

I loved the cute pattern, it has kitties, bunnies and cows, because cows are adorable, right?

The problem is that I never wear it.  Not only is it too big, but I think it would work better as a top than a gown.  Easy to fix.

The night gown cut to t-shirt length plus about 1 inch for a hem.

I just cut it where I wanted it, plus an inch for the hem.

The shirt with pins along the side, ready to sew to take it in since it is too big.

I pinned and stitch along the sides to take it in, because things are always too big for me.

The bottom of the shirt has been re-hemmed.

Then a quick hemming job to finish.

But, we’re not done yet.  Let’s make shorts!

The fabric that was previously cut off the bottom of the nightgown.  It has been cut in half so there are two pieces folded in half.

I took that piece I cut off and cut down the middle to form to folded pieces.  I will use the already hemmed bottom for the hem of my shorts.

Using a pair of knit shorts a cutting guide to cut a j-shape in the folded fabric on the non-folded end.

I used a pair of shorts I already had as a guide to cut the curve.  I left a couple of inches at the top for the waist.

The two pieces of fabric, now unfolded and layered on top of each other with rights sides together.  Time to get sewing!

Unfold the pieces and layer them right sides together.

It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the curved part should be deeper on one side.  That will be the back seam, and it needs to be deeper to accommodate your back side.

The curved cut edge with pins, ready to sew for the front seam of the shorts.  Then repeat fo the back seam.

Anyway, I just pinned and stitch the back seam and then the front seam.

The shorts turned to show the sewn inseam (the part that goes between the legs).

Then I turned the shorts around and pinned the inseam before sewing it securely.

The top of the shorts, double folded and sewn to form a casing for the elastic.

Time for the waist.  I just double fold and sew to form a casing for the elastic.

Pink elastic threaded through the casing with a safety pin to form the elastic waistband on the shorts.

Then I thread the elastic through with a safety pin and stitched the ends together.

The finished pair of pajama shorts.

And the shorts are finished…

The finished pajama set, a cute tee with shorts with a cute blue animal print.

And the second pajama set is complete and ready to wear.

Here’s the updated list:

Nine down, just one more to go.  The next one will be up in a couple of days.  I hope.

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