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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Update

photos 553I mailed my hair out today (see Chopped for a Cause).  I couldn’t find a padded envelope to use at home, so I broke down and got one at Wal-Mart, it was only about 69 cents.  I carefully packed it, weighed it and stamped it.  I managed to snap a picture of it before dropping into the box.  Now it’s on it’s way to Locks of Love.  I’m supposed to get an email when they receive it, I can’t wait! Just so excited and anxious too.  I’ve already started getting a little paranoid.  Little thoughts keep bugging me.  Will it get there all right?  Can they actually use it?  Did I do it right, or is there something wrong or unusable about my hair?  Maybe I’m being silly again.  I mean odds are that the worst thing that will happen is the child who gets it will think the color is boring.  Now there’s something to worry about. :)


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