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Monday, March 29, 2010

More Rummaging Fun

Over the weekend my church had another rummage sale (see What a Dollar Buys These Days).  All well and good, except I had to work so I couldn’t go. :(

Thankfully, my sister went instead and brought me back a bag of goodies.  The whole bag was still only a dollar.

photos 516

Here we have a ribbon belt, a Las Vegas wallet and a beaded macram√© necklace.   The belt has an interesting design, it is different from all the other ones I have.  They are mostly pink, pink, and more pink.  The wallet is cute and has tons of pockets, it may be too big for my stuff though.  The necklace makes me think of summer, is it here yet? 

photos 514

This one is a little strange, it’s a vintage dress with matching jacket and some kind of scarf.  It’s completely handmade and looks surprisingly good on me despite the color.  I’ve always thought this color makes me look sick.  I just need to take the dress in a bit, won’t be too hard to do.

photos 517

This is a pillowcase with a very exotic looking print and some blue cotton fabric that I love.  It feels really nice and fresh and I couldn’t wait to use it.  Seriously I’ve already cut into it.  I’ll post what I made tomorrow.

photos 519

This is a packet of graphite paper and a notepad.  The graphite paper package say it’s intended for transferring images on to wood and stuff, it might come in handy.  The notepad is so pretty, each page has prints of lace on it.  It seems like it’d be good for scrapbooking, or just staring at like I’ve been doing.  I find it hard to write on pretty note pads for fear of ruining them.  Kind of defeats the purpose.

photos 521 

Rummage sales are a excellent place to get interesting books.  I haven’t read through this yet, but it looking hilarious.  It’d made a great gift too.

photos 524

This is super adorable.  It’s a ruffley tube dress, just perfect for Spring and Summer.  And I can wear it as a skirt too.  It may quickly become my new favorite.  That’s the best part of these sales, I always end up with items I love, and with a bargain price and it’s going for a good cause.  Absolutely perfect.

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