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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

99 Thanks, or Something Like That

photos 067

I needed to get some food on the way home from class, and where’s the best place to go that on the way?  99 Cents Only Store of course.  I still don’t know why they still call it 99 cents when everything is now a dollar or less.  Too well invested in that “99” I guess.

Anyway, here’s the shopping list:

photos 069

  • Cabbage.
  • Romaine lettuce, it’s organic, a real plus.
photos 071
  • Rye bread, yum!
  • Sourdough bread too, it’s good and has a low glycemic index.
  • Flour and corn tortillas, couldn’t decide between the two.

photos 077

  • Best Life buttery spread, it’s trans-fat free.
  • Dried garbanzo beans, it’s one of my favorite beans, they are great on everything.  Too bad I have to take them back tomorrow.  I noticed that the cashier forgot to scan them, so I wasn’t actually charged for them.  It’s only right to take them back and try to explain what happened.

photos 072

  • Mixed spicy pickled vegetables.
  • Pickled tomatoes.
  • Pickled asparagus.
  • Pickled mushrooms.
  • Pickles.  I have a thing for pickled vegetables, not sure why since I can’t stand the smell of vinegar.  Good thing there’s so much of it there.  I wonder if I should have gotten some pickled garlic too? 

I also got some non-food items, but they’re items of a slightly too personal nature and I’d rather not post pictures to the world.   All that’s left for me to do is toast the bread and find a decent use for pickled tomatoes.

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