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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cut and Paint

photos 158 I made the “cutoff” shorts, but they aren’t exactly cutoffs because I hemmed them.  I think they look nice hemmed.  I cut flowers from printed fabric for appliqués and outlined them with sparkly blue squeeze tube fabric paint.  I dabbed some paint on the button and metal things so they wouldn’t look naked.
photos 159
I added a couple flowers to the back pockets too, because it looked weird with them being plain and the front so pretty.  Not sure if you can tell, but I cut the bottom of the tag with pinking shears.  I thought it sort of spruces it up a bit.
photos 163
The shorts aren’t “cut” but the capris I made sure are with fringe to boot.
photos 167

I added bric-brac trim and dots of pink fabric along the edges.
photos 165
The dots are along all the pockets and the belt loops too.  Maybe a little much, but once you start dabbing the paint on it is so hard to stop.  I was about to move on to nearby objects, my desk lamp looked like it could use a touch along with my sewing machine.
Here’s the updated list:
  • skirt
  • dress shorts
  • bookmarks
  • boxes
  • key necklace
  • cutoffs
  • embellished wedges
  • rings
  • soap
  • Top
  • luggage makeover
Six down, five to go. Nearly ready for summer.

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