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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Help Wanted

frenchfurnituresgfairy008b I still haven’t finished making my new project list.  As a possible project, I was thinking of finishing up another room on my cardboard dollhouse (see Home Sweet Home and Maybe a Campout).  I’ve already finished the bathroom (see Bathroom: Check), I just can’t decide which room to do next.  How about some help deciding?  The choices are:

  • The Living Room
  • The Dining Room
  • The Kitchen
  • The Entry Hall
  • The Hallways
  • The Garden
  • The Master Bedroom
  • The Attic/Storage Room
  • The Extra Room

Which do you think I should do?  By the way, the “extra” room is a room that I haven’t yet decided what it should be.  I’ve thought of making it a nursery or sewing room, maybe a library or den.  Think of it as an other.


  1. i vote kitchen- as I'm currently trying to decide on a new counter for ours!

  2. My heart started racing when I saw this! My secret obsession is dollhouses (the very first post on my blog I talked about them) - everything is so cute in miniature. I especially loved the little lace curtains... I'd say bedroom as well!! Canopy bed perhaps? :)

  3. I would make a library out extra room. It would be fun to stock it with tiny books. :)

  4. Sorry Tess, master bedroom seems to beat out kitchen, but I think I will do the kitchen after wards. And Julie, I think now the extra room will be a library. Afterall I did find something awhile back on making tiny books.

  5. Cool, my friend Tara works on her miniature house quite frequently as well! I don't have the patience for one yet, but some day I think I want to start one :)

  6. Just take it one step at a time Lex. Maybe start with one room, or just one piece of furniture.


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