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Friday, October 28, 2016

Doll Head Bands with a Tutorial

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It may have took forever, but I finally finished a project on my craft list.  Just a little something I whipped up for my dolls.

Headbands for dolls made of pearls, ribbon, lace and jewelry wire.

Doll sized head bands!

I made several little bitty head bands for my ball jointed dolls (check the doll blog to see their reaction).  It’s been something I’ve been dying to try but couldn’t for one silly reason.  I couldn’t find doll-sized blank head bands to cover. 

Then I realized I could use something else as the base, jewelry wire.  It’s easy to find and works great, as you will see.

Pretty pearl head band for a doll.

This first head band is made of faux pearls strung on to the wire.  I have a similar head band which is how I got the idea.

Pretty lace doll-sized headband.

The next one is made of lace wrapped around the wire.  I added a little bitty lace rosette to decorate.  It probably would look cute with a tiny flower or button in the center of the rosette, but for now this will do.

Cute ribbon bow headband for a doll.

For my smaller ball jointed doll, Sakura, I made these sweet ribbon head bands.

Cute pink bow head band for a doll.

I just wrapped the wire with ribbon and added a simple bow.

Pink ribbon headband for a doll.

For this doll, Usagi, it’s the same thing but with a slightly less simple bow.

Cute lace headband for a doll.

And this headband is wrapped with both lace and ribbon.  The lace is over the pink ribbon, so you can see a hint of pink color through the lace.  Looks cute enough to try on a human sized head band.

Since these head bands were so cute and easy to make, I made a video tutorial.

All you need are:

And of course a doll.

Wait, there’s more.  In honor of Halloween I made a few more doll sized head bands.

Cat ears for dolls, perfect for Halloween.

I made cat ear head bands!

Cat ear headbands for dolls, perfect for Halloween

They are easily made of felt and jewelry wire.  Don’t they look adorable on the dolls.

And I also made a second video tutorial for these, so everyone’s dolls can dress up for Halloween.


Here’s the updated list:

  • Pink dress
  • Accessories
  • Socks
  • Headbands
  • T-shirts
  • Tank Top

One down, five more to go.  The next one will be up soon.  Look forward to it!


  1. Nice headbands! And thanks for the tutorial, I will definitely try to make one for my daughter's doll.

  2. Jewelry wire is a great idea! I'll share this tip with my daughter who enjoys making accessories for her dolls.


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