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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Discount With a Twist

photos 114

I stopped by a Big Lots on the way to work the other day and found these Thai Kitchen noodle things.  I absolutely love them, but I can never seem to find them.  So to walk in and seen them at 50 cents each was like heaven.  I bought one of each flavor that didn’t have coconut oil, coconut oil makes my throat swell.

I also saw these Italian bread stick things that looked pretty good, but I didn’t like the price for them.  I’m picky about that.  I stopped by a 99 Cents Only store that was conveniently two doors down, and guess what I found there?

photos 115

Tada!  The same Italian rosemary breadsticks for just one dollar.  I love dollar stores.


photos 118

Of course, while I was there I picked up some more jars of pickled vegetables.  So what if I just got some a few days ago (see 99 Thanks, or Something Like That), I can’t get enough of them.  I found a different brand for the mixed ones, it contains a few more ounces for the same price and the jar is thinner making it easier to fit in the refrigerator.  Same for the peppers.  I think after the food is gone these jars would be great to store crochet hooks in or any other long skinny tools.  Just think of the possibilities.

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