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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just in Time for Christmas?

The good news, I finished all my Christmas crafts in time for Christmas.  Yay!  The bad news, it took me until now to actually post any of them.  At least I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing their presents before Christmas.  Anyway, time to share all fruits of my labor.

First up is the ornaments, a yearly tradition for me.  I made two batches this year just like last year (see Christmas at Last?).

Clear Ornaments

I got these clear ornaments last year at Walmart when they went on clearance.  I thought they might come in handy, just as soon as I figured out what to actually do with them.

Scraps of Christmas Fabric

With a mighty wad of fabric scraps, and the help of my niece…

Fabric Filled Ornaments

---I created these ornaments.  Loosely filled with cute fabric scraps and then topped with holiday ribbon, also bought on clearrance last year.

Felt Cutout Ornaments

For the second batch, I made use of this cute tutorial for felt coasters.  I’ve always thought they would make cute ornaments if made smaller and I was right.

They are made just like the tutorial except I cut the felt squares about 2 inches by 2 inches and I added a loop of ribbon in the top corner before sewing along the edge.  Finish off with a faux pearl in the center of the flowers and they’re ready for hanging.

Fleece Scarves with Pockets

Next up, scarves.  I bought a couple of fleece blankets on sale a while back, and rather than actually using them as blankets I thought up things I could make with them.  I came up with scarves, but not just any scarves.  Scarves with pockets, so you can use them to either keep your hands warm or keep you phone or what not handy.

A-line Half Circle Skirt in Asian Style Fabric

Now the circle skirt, or in this case a half circle skirt.  I originally wanted to make a full circle skirt for someone, but then I went fabric shopping.  I discovered this lovely asian style fabric.  I thought it was perfect, but I thought because of the direction and design of the fabric it would look funny as a full circle skirt.

Then I remembered this tutorial for a half circle skirt.  It is actually quicker and easier to do, and it worked great for this fabric.  Yay!

Kanzashi Flower Hair Clip

Since I can’t make clothes without making matching accessories, I made a cute little kanzashi flower hair clip.  I thought this style would be fitting for the fabric pattern.

Felt Donut Plushies

Now something a little silly.  I wanted to sew something cute for a couple of little boys, something that also wouldn’t seem too “girly” to at least one of them.  The solution: donut plushies. 

They are made of cream colored felt with blue icing and red and white sprinkles.  They were pretty easy to make once I figured out how to turn the body right side out.  If you look closely you will see a seam running  between the legs.  That’s the secret.

I opted to add eyes without a mouth.  It kind of looks like the donut hole is their mouth anyway.  It’s funnier that way.  Hope the kids enjoy them.

White Fleece Coat for a Ball Jointed Doll

Now some doll clothes.  I already made a post about these here on my doll blog

Anyway, I made my ball jointed doll a dress coat with some white fleece I also got on sale last year.

Ball Jointed Doll wearing a White Fleece Coat

I think it came out well except for a few little things.  First the way it bulges slightly at the top where it opens.  I suppose if it bothers me enought I could just add another snap to keep it closed.  T

he second is the way the collar sticks up, I can’t decide if I think it looks cute like that or not.  Then there’s the way the hem looks uneven in the photo.  It’s just the way it’s hanging though, the hem is perfect, maybe if I iron it?  Hmm.

Doll Sized Fleece and Felt Hats

Anyway, in adition to the coat I also made two doll sized hats.  A white beret to match the coat and a red stocking cap just for fun.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing Cute Hats

They both look adorable on my doll.  I opted not to add a pom pom to the stocking cap both out of laziness and versatiliity.  Because I used red felt to make the hat, it is stiff enought to wear pointed up or flopped down.  When pointed up it looks like a little knome hat which is super cute.

Felt Shoes and White Tights for a Ball Jointed Doll

I also made my doll a pair of shoes and some tights, something I haven’t shown on my doll blog yet. 

The tights were made from an old pair of tights I had that got rust stains in unfortunate areas.  Sad because they were only worn once by me.  Anyway, now I can finally get some good use out of them.

Black Felt Shoes for a Ball Jointed Doll

The shoes are made from black felt with cardboard for the soles.  It took a great deal of time for me to design a pattern for them, but it was worth it.  I may post the pattern in the future if anyone is interested.

Handmade Simple Sewing Kit

Now for the kit, a sewing kit.  I made several little sewing items for my 5 a Week Challenge (See 5 a Week: Needle Books and 5 a Week: Mini-Pin Cushions) and I thought I could use them to assemble a cute little sewing kit as a nice gift.  Just needed a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, and…

Simple Cute Pouch Using Asian Style Fabric

…a pretty pouch to hold it all.  I used the same fabric as the half circle skirt.

Simple Cute Pouch made with Asian Style Fabric

Just a simple pouch with a flap and a snap to keep it closed.  Came out really cute, enough to make me what to make more.  Maybe another day.

White Fleece Half Circle Skirts

Now the final project, more skirts!  I enjoy sewing and wearing poufy pretty skirts and dresses, but they can be a bit chilly this time of year.  I’ve heard it mention multiple places online the idea of making and wearing an underskirt made from fleece or flannel.  Just the thing to keep your rear warm.

I decided to give it a try, so I whipped up these two skirts from white fleece.  I decided to use the half circle skirt tutorial again.  They came out great, so cute.  I still haven’t tried them out outside.  Hoping they will make a difference.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Donuts
  • Skirt
  • Circle Skirt
  • Kit
  • Ornaments
  • Scarves
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Coat
  • More Ornaments
  • Hat

Eleven down and out.  Now I can just relax for the rest of the year.  Happy New Year!

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