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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ring Toss

photos 483While sorting through my wardrobe and accessories, I came to realize I had tons of other pieces of jewelry (ex. charm bracelets), but I didn’t have enough rings.  So I decided to fill this void on my jewelry rack.  For these rings I used sparkly plastic tubes I had leftover from a bracelet kit and wire ornament hooks left over from Christmas.  The wire hooks were fantastic.  They are easy to bend and already cut to the perfect length for rings.  I now have a bunch of cute, stackable rings in colors that blend well into my closet.  I’m thinking of making matching necklaces too, although they might resemble those glow stick necklace things too much.
Here’s the updated list:
  • skirt
  • dress shorts
  • bookmarks
  • boxes
  • key necklace
  • cutoffs
  • embellished wedges
  • rings
  • soap
  • Top
  • luggage makeover
Eight down, just three more to go.  Already almost done with the next one.

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