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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chopped for a Cause

Saturday morning, about 1:00am, I was still up.  I couldn’t get to sleep because I had something on my mind involving something on my head.  So, I got up and chopped off my hair.  A little over 10 inches of it.

photos 506

Here’s the before shot, luckily I thought to grab the cameral before reaching for the scissors.

photos 513

Here’s the after, quite a difference.  And I didn’t throw up, sort of expecting it.  Once when I was younger I cut almost the same amount off, but apparently the difference in lengths was too much for me to handle.  I threw up on the floor and almost passed out.  Thankfully that didn’t happen this time, maybe it was because of the reason for doing it.

Ever heard of Locks of Love?  It’s an organization that makes hairpieces for children with cancer and other diseases that can cause them to lose their hair.  Someone in choir recently made a donation of hair to them, and it’s been on my mind ever since.  Especially since I had been thinking of changing my hair anyway.  Why not hit two birds with one stone, such a horribly cruel sounding expression.  So I took the plunge, my hair is now sitting in a plastic baggie waiting for me to mail it.

And if you’re concern, I have spent some time after the “after” photo was taken to trim my hair and polish up the cut.  I actually have received a lot of compliments since, my hair is really cute now.  So now it’s like three birds instead of two. 


  1. What a wonderful cause. I'm sure your act of charity will be appreciated!


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