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Friday, April 20, 2018

Sewing for Dolls: Socks and Lingerie? Plus Tutorial Links

My latest craft project is doll clothes, so why did it take so long to post?  You will see shortly.

Several pairs of doll sized tights and socks made out of old tights.

First I made several pairs of tights and socks, several more pairs to be exact.  I made some before out of old tights (see From Socks to Doll Sweaters), but I’ve gotten more ball jointed dolls since then.  Meaning more itty bitty feet to cover.

Doll sized thigh high socks made from old tights.

No complaints though, doll socks and stuff are fun to make and so cute.  Look at these adorable thigh high socks I made for my newest doll (her name is Misako).

Cute crew socks for a doll made from old tights.  As worn by a ball jointed doll with black shoes.

And I made this pair of crew length socks for my only boy ball jointed doll (the last thing I made for him was these cute t-shirts).

A close up of a ball jointed doll wearing her new tights made from a pair of old tights.  She is also wearing cute shoes with ankle straps and a pink dress.

And finally I made two pairs of tights, a pair for my newer doll and a smaller pair for this one (her name is Momoko).  I used a cute lacey pair of tights that had dots all over them.  I found them at 99 Cents Only Store.

The best part is that this time I managed to make some printable patterns for all theses socks and tights.  They are sized for msd (1/4 scale) and yosd (1/6 scale) ball jointed dolls, and are included with this tutorial posted on my doll blog.

Now for the more interesting part of this project. 

Doll Lingerie

As expensive as ball jointed dolls can be, sometimes they don’t even come with underwear.  So you either have to buy them separately or make them yourself. 

Naturally I went with making them.  And if I’m going to sew doll sized undies, then I’m going to make them cute!

Two doll sized bra and underwear sets made from lace, ribbon and t-shirt fabric.

I made these two sets from t-shirt scraps, lace, ribbon and a bit of elastic.  They were actually pretty easy to put together.

To make these underwear sets, I first did a bit of “research” mostly to figure out how to make a doll sized bra.  I found several cute doll tutorials (mostly videos), including these:

A doll sized bra and underwear set made from lace and t-shirt fabric.

This one was the first set made.  I use thin lace for the band and the straps of the bra and used the same lace on the matching underpants.  It’s simple and cute.

A doll sized bra and underwear set made from lace, ribbon and t-shirt fabric.

For the second undie set, I used thin ribbon for the bra straps instead of lace.  Then I made little bows for the front of the bra and underpants.  For the other set I threaded the elastic through the waist, but with this one I stitched decorative elastic on to the fabric.

Because they were so cute and fun to make, I made a tutorial for MSD (1/4 Scale) ball jointed doll sized underwear and bras on my doll blog, feel free to check it out if you or someone you know has dolls around this size (or if you just want to laugh at my doll’s crazy antics).

Here’s the updated list:

Four down, six more to go.  I should have the next project up in about a week, but first there may be a little surprise.  Look forward to it!

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