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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suds Up or Down

photos 490I got a kit to make soap at Bookman’s months ago and it just sat on a shelf until I moved it to another shelf.  I finally took it down and used it.  This is my first time making soap, and as it turns out I’m not too great at it.  I guess they don’t seem that bad judging by the photo, but pictures lie.  I used too much of the little color things in the packet, so the color is too concentrated.  So much so that I’m afraid the color may irritate my eyes and stain my skin.  Imagine being afraid of soap adding stains.  Maybe I’m being silly.  But, I do think I over did it on the fragrance, it seems a little over-powering.  Maybe it will air out.  It’s worth saying, you can’t be good at everything your first try, just try a second time.  So it’s a good thing I still have more supplies.  Now that I know what not to do, the next batch should be that much closer to perfection.  I hope.
Here’s the updated list:
  • skirt
  • dress shorts
  • bookmarks
  • boxes
  • key necklace
  • cutoffs
  • embellished wedges
  • rings
  • soap
  • Top
  • luggage makeover
Nine down, just two more to go.  The next one will be a little tricky.


  1. Haha I think they look good! I hope they don't stain your skin though, you'll have to keep us updated =)

  2. Thanks, and I'll run a test drive tonight. If they stain I can tell people it's a sunburn.

  3. Good luck on your future craft endeavors!

    Hopefully you don't have to tell people you have a sunburn, but even if you do, at least you'll be fragrant!

  4. So I've been using the soap for the last few days, and I'm not red or blinded. That's a good sign. Plus the fragrance isn't that bad, so yay!


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