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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Speaking of Uses for Jeans

Here’s a classic project I love.  It’s the one where you make a bag from jeans, I call them bum bags because that’s what part you use. 

I decided to make a decent sized one because I have a tendency to carry a ton of stuff wherever I go.  Frankly, my jeans aren’t large enough to accommodate my needs, so I used a pair of my Mom’s.  Don’t worry, she gave them to me, she wore them out completely.

photos 680

It’s just a simple matter of cutting off the legs and stitching up the opening and then going on from there.  I used this lacy material to line the bag and for further embellishment.  I didn’t have to embellish too much because the jeans already had these cute studs and appliqués on them.  Finish up with straps and a zipper and now I have another bag to lug around my life’s essentials.

Here’s the updated list:
Six down, three to go.  Almost done now.

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