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Monday, May 3, 2010

Draw! A School Update

Draw! A School Update In class today, I drew blood.  Not my own, from a dog. 

He’s name is Sysco and I drew blood into a syringe from his cephalic vein, without passing out!  I wasn’t even nauseous, well maybe a little.  I guess forcing myself to watch it being done all these months really paid off. 

In case it isn’t obvious to those who haven’t been following, I’ve always had a thing about needles and getting shots.  The thought of being at the other end of the needle seemed so far off, until now. 

Just think, if I can handle this maybe I can handle other scary things, like giving blood.  Whoa!  One thing at a time.  For now I’m glad, maybe I really am ready for anything.

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