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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bedroom: Check

I finished the curtains, and the whole doll house bedroom to boot.  Take a look, they came out great.
photos 756
You can see that I made the curtains the same way as the the ones in the bathroom (see Bathroom: Check).  I think the view from the outside of the house looks better when all the curtains match.  I will show you what I mean when I finish the other rooms, or at least a couple more.
photos 749
I used this bluish gray scrapbook paper for the walls, I thought it would look good with the blanket and rug.  I cut a small, long strip and flipped it over for the border at the ceiling, it’s actually there to hide some mistakes I made with the paper.  You can see I decided to used the small free standing art pieces instead of some of the larger pieces I made, it keeps the look simple yet pleasant.
photos 751
On this side you can see I hung another piece on the wall next to the wardrobe.  I thought it was too bare without something, plus the running children are adorable.  I should also mention that the floor is painted instead of covered like the bathroom was, I used brown painted mixed with white to hopefully give it the look of hard wood flooring.  I love wooden floors, I just wish we had some here.
photos 758
Here’s the complete room in all it’s splendor,  it does look lovely and very tidy.  Just wait until it gets used, it probably won’t stay so clean. :)
Here’s the updated list:
  • hangers
  • bed
  • mirror
  • dresser
  • skirt
  • pocket
  • lamp
  • night stand
  • wardrobe
  • rug
  • framed art
  • curtains
Twelve down and we’re finished.  I will probably have the next list up by Thursday, although it maybe a little shorter or at least simpler.  I start my externship in less than 2 weeks, plus I might be a little scare sooner than that for another reason.  I’ll keep you posted.

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