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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Crafty Question

Another Crafty Question: How Old is Your Sewing Machine, and Does the Age Matter?
Here’s a two-part question.  How old is your sewing machine, and does the age matter?

My sewing machine in only about 3 years old, still a baby.  It is a pretty basic model.   I’ve used, or shall I say borrowed, older machines in the past, and the only difference I’ve seen is the older ones have more stitch variations and accessories, at least among the ones I tried.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a different experience when comparing older versus newer machines.  I’ve heard a lot about the durability of older machines, not to mention the aesthetic appeal.  But I guess whether your machine is older or newer isn’t as important as how well it works for you and for what purpose you use it.  And I know mine is working just fine for me.

1/27/2016 Update:

Six years since originally posting this and I'm still using the same sewing machine which is now almost 10 years old.  I'm afraid it's showing some wear and tear and working oddly.  I've found ways to work around the oddness to still sew, but I think it will need to be serviced eventually.

The problem is that is will likely cost more to service than it cost to purchase my machine.  I originally bought it on Overstock.com for about $60 including the shipping.  I've actually seen many machines from the same brand with slightly better features for the same price.  Do I upgrade or not?  And if I upgrade what do I do with my old sewing machine?


  1. It's really old, probably around 15 years or more (I got it from my mother in law), and I don't think the age matters at all outside of upkeep. Older ones are more expensive to maintain and need it more often.

  2. Well, on the plus side, you have a real keepsake for a machine despite the added maintenance. And probably a real nice mother in law too. You're so lucky.


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