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Friday, May 14, 2010

More Goodwill Friends

Today I had an interview for my externship, at a great little animal clinic in Gilbert, AZ.  I think it went fairly OK, except for the fact that I was almost 30 minutes late.  After I got off the bus, I accidently went the wrong way.  I had to call and tell them I was lost, what a great first impression. 

On the bright side, the place is conveniently located across from a Goodwill location I hadn’t checked out before.  Oh the goodies I did find. 

photos 701 Each of these baggies hold two Bratz dolls in near perfect condition.  Priced at 2.99 each, they were quite a deal.  You’d pay almost that much for the shoes alone, especially considering how hard it is to find the shoes.  I am only keeping two of them, my mom wanted the rest.  She still hasn’t mentioned what her plans are yet, I think either she wants to sell them or give them to her grandchildren as gifts.  It’s funny, the one with the green shirt and short plaid skirt looks like the girl on NCIS.  That is one of my mom’s favorite shows.  Maybe she will keep that one.

photos 703

I also grabbed a bag with various ribbons in it.  It was half-off at only a dollar.  I love the printed blue trim with the lacy edge, I think it would be great for making more headbands.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with the big blue wire-edged ribbon.  I am bound to think of something eventually.

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