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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quite a Day and Something to Hang On To

Today I had to travel from Mesa to Glendale for a company picnic.  It took over three hours to get there with three different buses and a train.  I got motion sickness on the train, but luckily I didn’t throw up.  I managed to get to the picnic about forty minutes late, but I wasn’t the only one.  Several people didn’t even show up.  I did come home with several bags of chips and a small bag of goodies including a business card holder I think will come in handy, just as soon as I decorate it.  Look for that in the coming future.
photos 706Anyway, I managed to whip up a few hangers using ornament hooks.  It is remarkable how many uses I have found for those little bits of wire, they are cut just the right size for so many projects from jewelry to miniatures.  All I had to do was twist the ends together just right, then shape the rest of it to look like a hanger.  They are just the right size for my doll house, but I think it would be great to make some fashion doll sized ones too.  I would need larger hooks though.
Here’s the updated list:
  • hangers
  • bed
  • mirror
  • dresser
  • skirt
  • pocket
  • lamp
  • night stand
  • wardrobe
  • rug
  • framed art
  • curtains
One down, eleven to go.  I’ll have the next one by Monday, hopefully.

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