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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Store Bought Accessories for Crafty Costumes

This post may contain affiliate links.  Check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Well it’s about a week until Halloween and most of those who make their costumes have them pretty much finished by now.  (Actually I’ve barely started, argh!)  But there may still be one or two things needed for your costume. 

These may include some purchased costume accessories, stuff that, depending on your skill level, are difficult or impossible to make yourself but will make your homemade costume absolutely perfect.  Which is why there is no shame in buying instead of crafting.  After all, my blue fairy costume from two years ago wouldn’t have been quite as fantastic without the sparkly pink wings I bought at Joann’s.

So here are my picks for items to complete your costumes.

Diy princess costumes aren't complete without a petticoat.


These tulle or chiffon beauties are just what you need to add some flair and fluff to a full costume dress or skirt.  Perfect for a pretty princess or fairy costume, and shorter petticoats work for your more risqué costumes. 

And depending on the the style, you can wear a petticoat as a tutu-style skirt for anything from a ballet costume to a My Little Pony costume.  And after the holiday, they make a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you are into vintage styles.


Need some gloves to finish my costume. 


Gloves are an incredibly versatile accessary.  Whether you are a super hero, royalty or a blast from the past a pair of gloves will make your costume that much better.  But ever try to make them yourself?  Not exactly easy.  So no harm in picking up good pair.


Interesting wigs for your next Halloween costume.


Hard to truly get into character without the right hair style/color.  After all, where would Rapunzel be without her long flowing hair?  That’s where the right wig comes in to play.    And if the wig you have isn’t quite right, it’s still fun customize them to suit your needs.


Hats and such to top off your costume. 

Crowns and Hats

Headwear is important too.  Hard to be the best witch ever without the iconic hat, and it’s difficult to be a good king without a crown. 


Pretty wings, for Halloween or for fun.


Yes, I had to put wings separately.  They are that big of a deal to me.  Whether you are a fairy, angel, butterfly or dragon you need a nice set of wings to complete your costume. 



Swords, shields and wands.  Oh my!


Now the final touch to your costume, your props.  Pirates and Knights need their swords and magic users need the perfect wands.  Better yet, everyone should have their own wand.


Hopefully all this should help you find everything to complete your costume or possibly give you some ideas for next year.  And once again remember, buying parts for an otherwise handmade costume doesn’t make it less unique. 

That’s especially true if you take the effort to customize the store bought parts.   Add lace and other trims to your gloves and hats.  Apply extra jewels and a boat load of glitter to your wings and tiara.  And while you’re at it, why not paint your wand or shield?  Create your own crest.  Because what really makes your costume perfect is how much you put into it. 

Have a happy holiday.

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