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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Lion, the Witch and the…..

photos 737I finished the wardrobe today, although I think it might be a little large for the room.  Not in scale, just in size, the room is a little small for a bedroom.  I will just have to make up for it by cramming it full of cute doll clothes and stuff.  Made from cardboard and paint and glue just like the rest of the furniture, the difference is that unlike the drawers for all the other pieces I made, the doors on this are real.   Because although tiny little drawers are nearly impossible to make, tiny little doors are a major cinch to do.  I peeled back a layer of cardboard on the doors to give them a decorative touch too.  I wonder how that would look in a life size piece?
photos 733
Here you can see the roomy interior.  Yep, I can definitely fill this up with tons of little clothes.  Can’t wait for that.  I used a bamboo skewer for the clothing rod.  I just jabbed it through and applied a dab of glue to keep it in place.  Of course the skewer had to be cut down to size to fit, and now I have to figure out want to do with the rest of it.  Don’t want to waste it, I know I can use a bit for the curtains on my list, but what else?  Hmmm.
Here’s the updated list:
  • hangers
  • bed
  • mirror
  • dresser
  • skirt
  • pocket
  • lamp
  • night stand
  • wardrobe
  • rug
  • framed art
  • curtains
Nine down, three to go.  I will probably have the next up really early tomorrow, look forward to it.  Oh, and I mentioned yesterday that I had a test today.  I got a B on it. :)

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