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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fresh Baked Goodness

Fresh Baked Goodness Everyday when I walk to or from class, I pass by the Alpine Bakery Outlet.  It’s in Mesa, Arizona on Southern Ave. west of Country Club Dr. in case you want to stop by, and believe me you will want to go. 

I had been breathing in the glorious smells of baked goods from that place for months and only just recently decided to go in to check it out, I should have gone a long time ago. 

They have a decent selection of natural breads and other bakery items at comparable prices, but they frequently discount them to 2 for $1.  Granted these are items close to their sell-by date, but they are pretty soft and fresh tasting despite that. And these are normal sized loaves and some of your fancier breads too, they have this kind of cheese bread that I love.  I tried it once and went back the next day for two more loaves, luckily they were still 50 cents each.

Also the people working there are pleasant and the other shoppers are nice too.  The only drawback is that the place closes by 2:30 pm, but something nice tends to happen about 1:00pm on Wednesdays.  It may happen on other days of the week, but I have only witness it on a Wednesday so I’m not sure.  I’m not telling what it is, you will have to see for yourself.  Surprises await.

1/27/2016 Update:

Since originally posting this, Alpine Bakery has moved down the street from its original location.  It is now on Southern Ave. just a little east of Country Club Dr. on the North side of the street next to an appliance outlet.  The place is much nicer and the bread is still just as heavenly and affordable.

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