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Monday, January 8, 2018

Something to Do While It’s Quiet

I just wanted to warn you that it’s going to be a little quiet here for the next month or so.  I’m taking a little break from updating this blog to work on a few other things.

But just in case you get a little bored, here’s a few suggestions.

Stuff to check out like my ball jointed doll blog and maze blog..

If you haven’t already done so by now, try checking out my doll blog, From a Doll’s Eyes.  It’s mostly about ball jointed dolls and written mainly from the point of the view of my first doll, Hikaru.  If you like dolls in general, tutorials, cute photos and amusing stories, you will love it.

Stuff to check out like my maze blog and doll blog.

You can also check out my maze blog, Simply Mazes.  It’s been a little quiet on there, but I’m trying to get it rolling again with a new maze at least every other week.  Feel free to browse all the mazes available.  These particular mazes may prove useful in the next month (hint: Valentines’ Day).

Find Me on Pinterest

For a bit more variety, try visiting me on Pinterest.  I frequently pin tons of stuff I find like funny videos, recipes, doll stuff, holiday stuff, clothing tutorials, and more.  If you prefer, I also share stuff on Twitter and Google+.

I hope you enjoy all I have to offer and I shall return with more.  Look forward to it.

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