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Friday, July 3, 2015

Pinterest Rebooted

Things have been a little slow for me since “summer” started, so I’ve had a little more time on my hands.  Means more time to work on the things I’ve been neglecting, like my pinterest account.  I did a major over haul on it.  Cleared out unnecessary boards and pins.  It’s now all clean and sparkling with a few new fresh boards.

bjd pinboard

The For My BJD board is obviously for stuff I find to use for my ball jointed doll.  A few clothing pattern tutorials, some wigs I’m eyeing, etc.

Some highlights include:

Pretty Accessories Pinboard

The Pretty Accessories board is devoted to things like jewelry, hair accessories, etc. that I think are pretty enough to try to make or to inspire further creation.

Some highlights include:

summer 2015 pinboard

And finally the Summer 2015 board.  A board specifically for this summer. 

Some highlights include:

And as always with seasonal and holiday boards, I add pins throughout the whole year not just that season.

Enjoy my pin boards for now, but tomorrow there will be a special announcement.  Look forward to it. :)

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