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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Purple and Lace

The bad news, this post is unbelievably late, like several weeks late.  The good news, I finished all the projects on my list.

First up..

Purple Laptop Case with Lace

…a laptop case.

This project is actually a bit of a substitution on my list.  I intended to make something to “cover” something else, but this became more of a priority.

I found myself needing to replace my laptop computer (one of the reasons this post is late) for a larger but thankfully better one.  Since it was larger it was too big for my old case so I needed something new to cover it with.

I made it nearly the same way as one I made previously for an old netbook I had (see It's Covered), just no bias tape and I use fleece and poplin fabrics instead of denim.  It’s actually the same purple poplin fabric as I made for my tote bag (see Catching Up: Bags and More Bags).

Lacey Purple Laptop Sleeve

Fits my new laptop perfectly and matches my bag, what’s not to love?

Next project…

Lacey Purple Doll Bag

…yet another bag, that matches too.

Yes, I am really loving the purple fabric.  At first glance this looks like a small lacey purple duffle bag.  But it’s designed to carry something besides gym clothes, dolls.  It’s a carry bag for my ball jointed doll so I can take her places without fear of damage.  The design is roughly based on this doll bag tutorial.

Purple Bag with Inside Pockets

The inside is lined with fleece just like the laptop case, and there’s plenty of pockets to stash extra clothes and supplies.

Outside Pocket on Bag

There’s a pocket on the outside for convenience.

Carry Bag for Ball Jointed Doll

As you can see, there’s plenty of room for her, and possibly for a friend if I get another ball jointed doll in the future.  Or if I just want to lug other dolls or plushies with me somewhere, I’m set.

Bag for Ball Jointed Doll

And this isn’t the only thing I made for my doll, or the last of the purple fabric either.

Purple Jacket and Skirt Set for Ball Jointed Doll

I also made clothes.  A cute lace trimmed skirt with a matching light jacket, they’re perfect for spring.

Ball Jointed Doll In Purple

I originally planned to make the jacket a little different around the collar, but I goofed up with it so had to improvise.  I actually like it better like this so all is well. 

I also goofed with making the pattern for the front of the jacket.  My doll is a tiny bit more developed in the bust than she looks and I neglected this fact, so that’s why there is only one snap at the top to close it.  Anyway, it looks adorable and that’s all that matters.

Here’s the updated list:

Five down and out.  Coming up, Easter sewing!


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