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Monday, May 7, 2018

Clothing Makeover: Three More Bodyline Blouses

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The latest craft project is another clothing makeover, technically three makeovers.

Three different blouses from Bodyline, after a little makeover.

Three different blouses, all bought from Bodyline.  I had so much fun fixing up the last one I had to try my hand on these three. 

Two have fairly minor issues with them, but hang tight for the last one.

Blouse l364 from Bodyline, before a little alteration.  It has puffed sleeves with bows, heart shaped buttons, ruffles down the front, and a peter pan collar trimmed with faux pearls and lace.  A great blouse for lolita fashion.

This cute blouse didn’t need that much done to it.

It has some of the prettiest lace I’ve ever seen and the cutest heart shaped pearly buttons.  And I normally don’t go for ruffles down the front of a top, but the ones on this blouse are actually really cute.

Close up of the blouse sleeve with it's pretty lace.

However, the problem lies with the ruffles.  They added the same ruffles across the sleeve, there something about this placement that bothers me.  It makes is so hard to enjoy the really pretty lace, isn’t it pretty though?

The blouse sleeve after removing the ruffle with a seam ripper.

Anyway, just a bit of time with a seam ripper was all it took.  Ruffles no more!

Close up of the collar of the blouse.  You can see that the faux pearls on the collar do not quite match the pearl heart buttons down the front.

I had actually intended to remove the faux pearls on the collar because they kind of clash with the buttons.  But I kind of got use to them, they do add a nice touch. 

Bodyline blouse l364 after removing the ruffles from the sleeves.  It looks cuter this way.

So now this ruffly and pearly blouse it ready to be worn.

Bodyline blouse l015 before a little alteration.  It's a decent blouse for those into lolita fashion, with a couple of changes.

This blouse needed a little more to be done.  For starters, I love the ribbon bows down the front, but not the odd bows on the sleeves.

Close up of the blouse collar showing off the pretty lace.  It would look great if it wasn't for the extra row of the same wide ruffled lace.  It makes it look like there are two collars instead of one.

However, the biggest issue is the collar.  The wide lace is actually one of my favorite laces used by Bodyline, but I don’t like it enough to have two rows of it on such a large collar.  It makes it look like the blouse has two collars, and both ginormous.

Removed the collar and the extra lace from the collar.  There is a visable seam where the extra lace use to be, we will need to deal with this.

Removing the lace leaves behind a visible seam.  I could have just covered it up with a smaller trim, but I decided to remove the collar.

Pin and re-sew the collar back on to the blouse, but backwards on the blouse so the odd seam won't show.

Then pin it back  on backwards, and re-sew…

The re-sew collar of the blouse, the extra lace is gone and the strange seam is on the under side of the collar so you can't see it.

…to make a “new” collar.

The odd visible seam is now on the underside of the collar.  It did get a little bunched up while re-sewing, but it’s not that noticiable. 

The madeover Bodyline blouse l015.  The extra row of lace on the collar has been removed along with the bows on the sleeves.

So now the cute ribbon bow blouse is ready for use.

Bodyline blouse l582 before a dramatic makeover.  It came out of a lucky pack so it is missing the detachable sleeves.  The collar will be removed and a new neckline will be sewn.

This final blouse came out of a lucky pack (the one this dress came from) and needed the most work of all. 

Being from a lucky pack meant flaws, like missing pieces.  It was suppose to come with detachable sleeves so it could go from short sleeve to long sleeve for cooler weather.

Close up of the cameo pin that came with the blouse, it is a little scratched up and could use a makeover too.  That will be for another craft project.

It did come with this cameo pin along with a ribbon necktie.  It is scratched up and in need of a makeover too, but that will be for another day.

Close up of the blouse collar. It is a high straight collar with two layers of ruffles with lace.  The ruffles are overdone and will be removed with small scissors.

Anyway, the problem with this blouse is the overly ruffled collar.  It’s funny how ruffles have been getting in way, I normally love them.   These ruffles are so not flattering, so I carefully cut them off with tiny scissors.

The high collar of the blouse after removing the ruffles.  It looks great like this and could easily be worn for vintage and antique clothing styles like steam punk as well as lolita fashion.

After cutting, the blouse now has an simple, yet elegant high neck collar.  This would be good look for those into vintage and antique clothing. 

However, I’m not really into high neck blouses, so back to more cutting.

The blouse with the collar cut off.  The new neckline is cute in a pretty square shape and just needs to be trimmed and finished.

I cut off the collar and cut a new, slightly square shaped neckline.  I find this much more flattering for me.

Some lace and edging from one of the ruffles as been sewn along the new neckline.  Just need to turn it and top stitch in place.

I then cut off the edge of one of the old ruffles and stitched it along my new neckline. 

After turning and topstitching…

Close up of the new finished neckline for the blouse.  It has nice lace along the edge and a bow on the front.

…It looks like this.

I added a snap to close the top and a little bow for decoration.

Close up of one of the sleeves.  The bows were replaced with cute little ones that match the one on the front of the blouse.

I made matching bows for the sleeves to replace the odd looking ones.

Bodyline blouse l582 after a lot of sewing.  The collar has been removed completely, the neckline changed and bows removed and added.  It is now an adorable lolita style blouse.

And now my new collar-less blouse is ready to go.  These blouses were so much fun to alter, I wish I had a few more to work with.  Maybe later.

Here’s the updated list:

Five down, five more to go.  The next one will be ready in a few days, look forward to it.

Give it a try:

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