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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sock Couture, The Swim Suit Edition

Several months ago, I found a project for making a one piece swimsuit for a doll using a sock in a book called Things to Make for Your Doll by Kathy Ross.  It didn’t specifically say so, but I think all the projects were intended for 18 inch dolls (i.e. American Girl) and not 11 1/2 inch, but I still thought it was a good idea.  I guess I’m really getting into making doll clothes from socks, at least since the dress (see Sock Couture). 

photos 677

For a smaller version, I used one of my niece’s outgrown socks.  It was just the right size to make this vintage looking one piece suit. 

I just had to cut off the cuff and slide it on her, then pin it and stitch at the bottom.  Of course I did take it off her to sew it, it would have been a pain to sew otherwise.  Looks pretty good, and it would make an adorable romper too.

photos 672

And since I had some scraps leftover, I started to play around with them and accidentally made this two piece swim suit as well.  Again not bad for an old sock, almost wish I could find a giant size sock to make one for myself, almost.

Here’s the updated list:
Five down, four to go.  The next few may take some time to accomplish.

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