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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bag to Bag

This week has been insane, especially Thursday, we were so busy at work.  Of course, it’s natural for a tax office to be especially busy on Tax day.  I filed a ton of returns, how many?  Let’s just say we managed to make our goal despite how the odds looked a few days beforehand. 

So I was beat and took the whole day off yesterday.  Hence no posting, but I had plenty of time to finish the last project from the list.

photos 622

When I think of summer, another thing that comes to mind are woven purses and tote bags.  I decided to make one using plastic grocery bags, mostly from Fry’s.  I made a loom for it with a large cardboard box and it took several days for me to weave.  I finally finished the body yesterday so I took it off and stitched it into the right shape.  Then I used some more of that pretty blue fabric from the rummage sale for the other details (i.e. lining, straps, pockets). 

It has two inside pockets for my keys and wallet and a zipper to keep stuff from falling out, a common problem in most of my bags this size.  Maybe someday I’ll make an even larger one for the pool or something, not anytime soon though.  I need more grocery bags.

Here’s the updated list:
Seven down and out.  Coming up…….a birthday and a makeover?

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