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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sock Couture

One day, I found this simple tutorial on making a cute doll top or sweater dress using an old sock. I thought it was really cool and wanted to try it out.

Barbie Doll in White Sock Sweater Dress

So a couple weeks later, here it is.  This doll by the way is a My 2003 Graduation Barbie doll, if it isn’t obvious she was a graduation present. 

She now has a lovely dress made with the cuff of an white sock.  The hem of the sock was folded down and stitched to form a lovely and very open neckline that look fabulous on the doll.

Barbie Doll Clothes from Socks

Just add a few choice accessories and it makes a perfect outfit, though perhaps a little too warm for this weather.  It’s not as if these dolls melt, do they?

More Barbie Doll Clothes from Socks

Since I was still in to mood to play dress up, and I still had plenty of sock scraps, I decided to make something more suited for warmer weather.

The tube top is inspired by a top I used to have and has yellow straps made from embroidery floss that ties in front with a bow.  The skirt is made with another cuff that was turned inside out because I liked the texture on the inside better.  The hat and bag were made sort of by accident while messing around with some scraps.

Doll Clothes Made from Socks
Add some slides and she’s ready for the sunshine.  I made the shoes years ago with some felt scraps and foam packaging.  I made a pair for one on my nieces at the same time along with some other doll clothes as a gift.  Funny how I’m getting more use out of mine than she is out of hers.

Here’s the updated list:
  • baskets
  • doll clothes
  • foil bracelets
  • swatch book
  • embellished pins
  • Video
  • woven tote bag
Two down, five to go.   The next one might take a little longer, mostly due to work. :(


  1. Isn't it?, when I saw the tutorial it was like "why didn't I think of that?"

  2. I used to do this for my Barbies when I was little. lol I would use my brother's old tube socks, and if I was lucky, they would have a cool colored stripe on them!

  3. Pretty nifty Angie, but I wonder what your brothers thought about it.


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