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Friday, April 9, 2010


Several years back, I learned how to make chains using bubble gum wrappers, though I can’t remember where exactly.  I’ve always thought it would be interesting to do the same thing with aluminum foil.
photos 605

I tried it to make this simple bracelet.  It’s super easy, just a little time consuming.  Had to carefully cut each foil piece and fold it and link it one at a time.  Took a good chunk of my evening.  Finished off with some jump rings and a clasp made with spiral notebook wire, it makes a great piece for casual wear and a good recycling project too.

I reused foil from sandwiches for lunch,  I find my sandwich doesn’t get squished so easily when wrapped in foil.  It would be cool to use other materials for this too, such as foil wrappers from chocolate for a more colorful version.

Here’s the updated list:
Three down, four to go.  I’ve already finished the next one, it’s still drying.  I’ll post it tomorrow.

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