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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Memories in Fabric

I adore fabric and cute prints, I guess you kind of have to love fabric if you sew since you deal with large amounts of it.  Sometimes I spend more time looking and feeling my fabric than using it.  And sometimes I even delay actually using a fabric I love because once I finish it I may never see it again.  This is somewhat a reality when I buy fabric from Thrift stores to use for gifts for others.  I’ve managed to fix this problem.

photos 614

A cute little book that holds scraps of some of my most favorite fabrics from the past.  Talk about a “scrap” book.  There I can look at them and feel as much as I want and remember all the things I’ve done with them.

photos 617

To make it, I folded pieces of paper over the edges of my fabric pieces and stitched them on.  Then I punched holes in the paper and also into pieces of card stock I used for the cover.  I assembled them together like a book and tied it off with a ribbon.  I also decorated the front cover with a flyer for a salon and some fabric paint.  Fairly simple to make and rewarding as well.  I can still add on to it as I continue my sewing endeavors.  I plan on continuing them for a very long time.

Here’s the updated list:
Four down, three to go.  The next two will be fun, the last one will take a while.

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