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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It’s Covered

I really needed a new case for my netbook, the old wasn’t cutting it anymore.   So when I saw this tutorial on Crafty Gemini on making a custom quilted Laptop cover, I was set and ready.

photos 662

It came out pretty good, much nicer than my old one.  For the outside I used part of an old denim skirt.

photos 664

The inside is more of this print that I love.  I used bias trim in an odd shade of green because I think it actually looks kind of cool, and with the bright orange buttons it has a quirky look that is definitely one of a kind.  I think my netbook will be happy in it, it’s name is Paul.  Yes, I name my computers.

Here’s the updated list:
Four down, five to go.  Next is more doll clothes.


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