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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Bright and Early Easter

I’ve been having an interesting Easter so far.  Since I’m in choir at church, I had to be there super early to warm up for such a special service.  I set two alarms on my phone, one to wake me up and one to let me know when to leave.  The second one woke me up, so let’s just say I was a little bit rushed this morning.  At least I was only a few a minutes late and Church went well.
photos 585 On another note, I finished the little baskets from my list.  Just something to get into the spirit of the day.  I used this tutorial from CraftStylish,  only I made mine considerably smaller and didn’t quite follow all the directions.  They still came out okay.  What’s great is that they are made from two old cardboard boxes,  one that held zip lock baggies and one for peanut butter cracker sandwich packs.  They would be great on my desk to organize paperclips or to hold snacks (like the cracker sandwichs), or maybe crammed with little chocolates and given as Easter favors.  The possibilities are endless.
Here’s the updated list:
  • baskets
  • doll clothes
  • foil bracelets
  • swatch book
  • embellished pins
  • Video
  • woven tote bag
One down, six to go.  I should have the next one up tomorrow evening, look forward to it.


  1. Very cute baskets. I love that you add your fun to-do list for your readers and show us how they've turned out.

  2. Thanks, I was starting to think maybe people found my lists kind of boring.


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