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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Deals from Goodwill

I stopped by Goodwill on the way home from work today on a quest for something I need.  I didn’t find it.

photos 572I did find a few craft items that were real scores.  First were these two patterns that were 1/2 off.  They came to about 65 cents total, and they so cute, especially the little girl’s.  I do have a few nieces who would look darling in little dresses and scarves.  Maybe I could make matching ones for all of them.  Then again that might be a little too Sound of Music.

I grabbed one of those baggies full of crafts supplies for about 4 dollars, and boy am I glad on did.  It was full of great stuff. 

Here’s what came in it:

photos 574

A tomato pincushion (I love these), three packets of hand needles, some safety pins, several threaded bobbins…

photos 577

This beautiful vintage needle set (it was a promotion item from Kroger)…

photos 579

Some straight pins and flower pins that I could possibly embellish…

photos 584  

And a whole bunch of sewing machine needles…

photos 580

And more of them…

photos 581

And some more of them.  Lot’s of different kinds too.  I may never have buy needle again.  Of course I am going to share them with my Mom and sister, they don’t know that yet.

So the moral of this tale of shopping, go thrifting for your supplies and you will be rewarded greatly.  Either by good finds or good conscience, this time it was both.  Happy hunting.

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