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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Knifty Does It and Working with Vintage

I got busy again the last couple days, with crafting.  Finished two more projects, the more complicated ones too.

Vintage style high-waisted dress

First off, I made this dress using a vintage pattern I got some time ago.  I didn’t quite follow the pattern exactly.  Basically I made the top part less poufy and the skirt more poufy.  Just the way I like it. 

Plus, the pattern called for using the same fabric for the top part and skirt and using a different fabric for the midriff part.  I thought doing it this way would be more interesting. 

Vintage style high-waisted dress

Here’s another difference.  The pattern called for decorative lacing on the front, I put the lacing on the back and it isn’t decorative.  This allows me to easily adjust the fit as needed since this dress needs a snug fit in the waist to look good.  Otherwise I look like I’m wearing a horrible cheap costume or something along those lines.

Pretty floral print purse

As a bonus, I made this simple matching bag to go with the dress.  The construction is similar to a double layered envelope, not sure how else to explain it. 

I had intended to add gussets to give it a flat bottom, but when I tried that it ended up looking like a very pretty lunch bag.  Not what I wanted, at least not with this bag.  Of course now I have a great idea for a lunch bag, but that’s for a future project.

Easy scarf made with a Knifty Knitter

Now the most trying project, a knitted scarf.  I never learned to knit when I was young and around here that is kind of a big deal.  Dealing with knitting needles kind of turns me off. 

So enter the Knifty Knitter loom, I bought it on sale at Joann Fabric and Crafts and committed myself to using it.  After fiddling with the included instructions which weren’t clear, I finally got started on my first knit project. 

The finished scarf isn’t too much to look at, but there’s nothing horribly wrong with it.  It was quick to make, totally painless, and I am actually willing to do another loom project.  The loom is fun to work with despite the instructions.  I found it easier to learn by paying more attention to the illustrations than the written steps and numbers.  Weird.

Here’s the updated list:

Ten down, just one more to go.  It will probably be finished by Monday.  I’m on a roll.


  1. I agree with you on the lacing... the back is the way to go. A very feminine dress! A great idea to make matching bags to go with your dresses. The simple style of this bag really compliments the dress with taking away from it.

  2. Lovely dress , the cloth looks a lot like some cotton i used for cushion covers, but now i am sorry i didn't make a dress from it

    1. It could be worse, I used to have a sheet with an oreo cookie print. I saw a skirt someone made out of the identical sheet about a year ago, now I wish I still had that sheet.


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