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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ready to Use


Told you I’d have the next project up by Saturday.  I spent my morning making napkins out of muslin.  Made about twelve, two of them aren’t in the photo.  They didn’t come out quite right.  Embarrassed smile

Simple to do, but they take a fair amount of time.  Most of the time was spent ironing the darn things.  I guess they are worth the effort.  Fabric napkins are sooo much nicer than paper, more eco-friendly and more effective when eating greasy foods.  Now I need to grab something to eat.

Here’s the updated list:

  • hair combs
  • napkins
  • headbands
  • wrist band
  • short sleeve blouse
  • doll clothes
  • skirt
  • shorts
  • scarf
  • more broaches
  • dress

Two down, nine to go.  The next one will be up by Monday, and it should look a little familiar at least to those of you that have been paying attention.


  1. My how organized you are. :) Great job on the napkins. I agree it is hard to beat cloth napkins. Paper napkins just do not feel the same and most of the time they end up in pieces befoe the meal is done.

  2. oops ... dropped an r it should be "before" and not "befoe", I'm from the south but not that far south. :D

  3. No problem, I do it all the time. Doesn't sound as good when I do it though.


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