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Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Jenny

Finished the last project on the list.  First, some introductions are needed.


This is Jenny.  She is an Our Generation doll I got at Target for about $20.  A little pricey considering I rarely pay more than $2 for dolls if even that much.  But as far as 18 inch dolls go, she’s a bargain.  I mean have you seen how much American Girl dolls go for, I’ve see used ones go for 3 times as much as Jenny. 

What I like about her is her eyes.  Most commercial dolls with blonde hair have blue eyes, but hers are green.  Most people wouldn’t even notice or would think “so what?”, but I think it’s a big deal.  Dolls need to be individuals, even mass produced ones.  Now back to topic, Jenny needed some more clothes.  What’s the point of having a doll like this if you can’t dress her.  And frankly, although the outfit she came with is pretty, the quality of the sewing leaves much to be desired.  Typical of mass produced commercial doll clothing.


With the help of some commercial patterns that were given to me, I whipped up this simple shirt and pair of shorts.  It was a McCall’s pattern and let’s just say that there is a reason for my preference to Simplicity over McCall’s.  But I think it still came out okay.  I love the neck on the top.  I can’t explain the exact appeal of it, I just think it looks really nice and neat despite how plain it is.  Maybe because it is doll-size, everything looks cuter when it is this small.  The shorts should look familiar, I used the same fabric that I used for my shorts before (see Super Five).  Now we match, except Jenny looks better in hers.  Especially with those tights, I think they are so cute with the shorts.  Can’t wait to make more clothes for her, just not too many matching outfits, that would get too weird even for me.

Here’s the updated list:

  • hair combs
  • napkins
  • headbands
  • wrist band
  • short sleeve blouse
  • doll clothes
  • skirt
  • shorts
  • scarf
  • more broaches
  • dress

Eleven down and out.  And finished almost 2 weeks sooner than scheduled too.  I’m good.

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