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Monday, July 11, 2011

It’s So Huge

What’s huge?  My finished project.  It’s the last one for my sewing class and the last one on the current list so of course it’s a good one.


This has got to be the fullest skirt I have ever made.  Took quite a bit out of me to finish it.  You can imagine just how long it took to do the hem alone.  I’m fairly proud of this one.  I used a commercial pattern for this and it actually came out okay.  Usually commercial patterns don’t like me.  There are a few flaws, namely in the waistband and the size.  The skirt is a little too big for me, but only a little bit.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but I actually did okay with adding the zipper.  Unfortunately it’s a little too close to where I messed up on the waistband.  I’d rather not have photographic evidence of that.  Anyway it’s a decent skirt, and I have tons more of this print so there may be more like it in the future.  Possibly matching accessories too.Open-mouthed smile

Here’s the updated list:

  • Needle case
  • Mug cozy
  • Pants
  • Hair accessories
  • Brooches
  • Necklace
  • Other jewelry
  • Food
  • Top
  • Skirt

Ten down and out.  Decent timing too, I have finals next week to prepare for.  Sad smile


  1. It looks good and very pretty in that rose bud fabric. I have to confess that I hate doing zippers, for me they never seem to turn out right. :(


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