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Saturday, July 9, 2011


rose perfume vintage image graphicsfairybgSometimes I wonder…

  • When I leave my charger in the outlet when it’s not connected to my phone, is it still using electricity?
  • Why does my cat seem to know when I’m faking being asleep?
  • How come when I try to fall asleep at night I can’t, but when I am trying to stay awake I doze off?
  • Why does it seem like my toenails grow faster than my fingernails?
  • How come with all the recommendations for protecting your skin year-round from cancer causing UVA rays, I still have problems finding sunscreen in stores after Summer ends?
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like when I watch TV I end up watching more commercials than actual TV shows?
  • Will my niece be more willing to eat green vegetables if they came in a package that had pictures of Disney Princesses on it?
  • Why do they make “sweet” pickles?
  • How come when I walk into a store several employees ask if they can help me, but when I actually need the help I can’t find a single employee?
  • Is there a polite way to tell someone they reek of smoke?
  • How come some people keep their air-conditioners set at like 70 degrees, but when it drops that low outside they turn the heat on?
  • How come frozen dinners and such without meat costs about the same as regular ones, but frozen dinners and such labeled “Vegetarian” cost 2-3 times more?
  • Why do dogs smell really bad when wet?

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