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Monday, June 29, 2015

Catching Up – A New Friend

I made one special purchase last month.  It was something that I think will have an incredibly positive and wide sweeping effect on my life.

A doll.

Okay I know that sounds crazy, and that I have several dolls already, most of which you can see here.  But this is no ordinary doll.  It’s the kind I have been seeking out for years.  The one perfect doll for me, that has all the qualities I have been looking for in a doll.  At least it will when I finish working on it. 

It’s a ball jointed doll or bjd.  Here’s a site that gives a ton of information about bjds in case you’ve never heard of them.  They are lovely well made dolls that come in a variety of sizes, pose really well, and can be customized to be almost anything you want them to be.  They are also really expensive though, some cost well over $1000.  Luckily I found one I like for considerable less than that.  I bought it at the Junky Spot, a great site by the way.  They sell all kinds of these dolls and accessories for them. 

Junkyspot box

My doll showed up only a few days after I ordered it in this huge box.  I actually waited a day before opening because I wanted to do it at just the right moment.

Fragile notice

I thought the fragile labels on the box were cute and hilarious.  I wonder what the UPS delivery person thought when they saw this.

Hello Kitty box cutter

Ready to open it up.  I finally found a good use for this Hello Kitty box cutter.  Isn’t it cute?  I found it at an Asian supermarket nearby me.  It was on sale too.

Inside the Box

Inside the box, and inside another box, and wrapped in bubble wrap is my doll wrapped in a cushion.  But before unwrapping her I had to check out these…

Fun Freebies

…Freebies!  I heard in reviews that when you order something from Junky spot, there are always a few random little goodies stashed in the box.  I got a Hello Kitty phone charm, a doll size pair of dice, a small strange pink figure, a pack of fang shaped candies and a My Little Pony mini-comic pack.  The tiny bag in the middle of the photo is supposed to come with the doll.  It’s her eyes, along with some putty to stick them in with.  I actually lucked out with them because they are supposed to be a random color and I got blue ones in the exact shade of blue I wanted anyway.

My New Doll!

And here is my doll, fresh from her packaging.  She is a Mystic Kids Evelyn with no face up.  For those who don’t know, a face up is basically all the painting and such on a doll’s face.  Many bjds don’t come with them unless you are willing to pay extra.  The same with clothes and wigs.  Most of time you get them naked, except Mystic Kids apparently sends them out with some underwear which is nice.

New BJD in her First Dress

Here she is mostly dressed.  I whipped up this dress for her before she arrived because I wanted to have something to put on her immediately.  It’s one of the pillowcase dresses I’ve made before.  It’s simple and easy to fit which was important since I didn’t know what would fit her.

BJD Head Close up

A close up of her “face”.  The shape of her face is quite nice and versatile.  She will look great when she is finally done.  I just need to find a wig that works and work up the nerve to paint her face.  From what I’ve read, face ups can be tricky the first time you try and some of the supplies used can be hazardous to humans.  I’m considering commissioning someone more experience to do it for that reason alone. 

Mystic Kids Evelyn Card

Here’s a cute card the doll also came with.  It shows the default face up done by the company, looks cute right?  The backside has a place to put her name and birthday, kind of like a doll birth certificate. 

Speaking of names, I haven’t mentioned hers yet.  I decided to name my doll Hikaru.  I really like the name, but I won’t say why here.  That’s because I mentioned in my last post that I have a special surprise.  It’s a new blog!  I created a special new blog for my doll.  The catch is that it’s her blog.  Hikaru the doll will be writing the posts for it, with help from me of course. 

Please check it out here:

From a Doll's Eyes

And with that I am finished catching up.  So now I will be posting stuff that’s a little bit fresher.  Look forward to it!

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