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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating Freedom

Happy Independence Day.  I just got home.  I went to the AZ Celebration of Freedom in downtown Mesa with my friends.  It started out a little strange.  We had to wait in line for what seemed like forever to have our bags checked for security, and that’s not usually the case for practically anything in Mesa.  But it was still super fun.

Here’s a few highlights.

Revolution Reenactment

The Revolutionary War Reenactment.

We caught it in the middle.  Sadly with so many tall people in front of me and it being dark, it was difficult to get a good photo.

Patriotic Chalkart

Chalk art!

The wall nearby the amphitheater was covered in it.  This was one of my favorite pieces…

Cute Chalkart

…and this was other favorite.  Isn’t it cute?

Country Fusion Band onstage


We caught a bit of the Western Fusion Band.  They were pretty good.  I had the same issue with this photo as with the reenactment one.

Classic Car

Classic cars!

You can’t celebrate America without them.  This was my favorite one.

Cute Pooh Bear Kid

I also couldn’t resist this little guy.  He isn’t real, he was just there for fun.  The inside of this car also had several tiger plushies.  Sadly I couldn’t get a good picture of them because my camera completely died on me.  Right before the fireworks too.  But fireworks are best viewed in person anyway.  But I did get a picture of another fine tradition.

Patriotic Port o Potties

The Port O’ Potties. 

No outdoor festival would be complete without them.  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  Enjoy your holiday. :)

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