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Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 a Week: Tank Tops for Dolls

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for week 4 of…

…The Five a Week Pledge.
If you haven’t been around here, it’s where you pledge to do five things each week of your choice (see the first week for more info).  I pledged to make five small crafts each week.  Feel free to grab a button and join me.  If you already have, post a comment or a link to share what you accomplished.
This week’s craft:
5 ball jointed doll sized tank tops
Tank tops. Doll sized ones.
I decided to continue making doll clothes since there are just so much fun.  And I went with tank tops because last week’s skirts needed some tops.  Plus it’s still summer and tanks are much cooler to wear this time of year.  Yes, totally ignoring the fact that dolls don’t have to deal with heat.
two white lace trimmed doll tank tops
Anyway, the first two were made exactly the same.  Mainly because I had more of this lace and wanted to use it up faster.  The lace straps were gathered before attaching to the “arm hole” area to create a sort of flutter sleeve effect.  I wish I could do it on a human size top.  The problem is that most of the lace I’ve seen that’s wide enough is super ugly.  Oh well, at least my doll can have cute tops.
doll lace trimmed tank top
This top has the lace attached like normal tank top straps.  I also ran a strip of lace across the top.  It has a nice effect, but I’m afraid it may make it look a little too much like an undershirt.  Maybe?
doll lace trimmed tank top
This tank top is made the same way as the last, just a different kind of lace.  I’ve had this lace for years now.  I never realized how off-white it was until I sewed it on to this fabric.  By the way, the fabric is from an actually t-shirt.  Boy’s size XL to be exact.  More than enough material to cut five bjd sized tank tops and still have more than half the shirt leftover for other projects.
doll lace flutter sleeve tank top
The last tank top is Hikaru’s favorite and mine.  The lace is the same kind I used for the skirt she is wearing.  It’s just really pretty, at least it is on doll clothes.  And since it is the same, it matches the skirt nicely.  Now all she needs is some shoes and maybe some accessories and it would be perfect.  Maybe that will be for next week.  Look forward to it.


  1. Love your doll clothes. I used to love making Barbie clothes. Hopping here from What To Do Weekend. Following you on Google+ and Twitter. Blessings to you and yours!


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