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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini Arts and Crafts

I finished a couple more from the list, and like the camera, they are also miniature props for the video I will be making.
photos 1000
First we have some painting supplies: a little easel, two canvases, a small paint brush, and an artist’s palette loaded with paint.  The easel is based on a design I made when I was little.  I was really into My Little Pony and troll dolls and I used to make all kinds of things for them, like houses and stuff.  Once I made little easels for the ponies to show off their artistic abilities, strange I know.  Anyway, this a more sophisticated model, meaning it doesn’t fall over as much.  The palette was interesting to make due to the paint, they are drops of crayon waxed heated from a burning candle and dripped onto the cardboard palette.  Gives a more realistic look to it.  The canvasses are simply cardboard frames covered with white paper, they already have pictures “painted” on them, wait for the video to see them.
photos 1005
I also whipped up some basic materials for knitting.  A ball of yarn made from embroidery floss, and a set of bamboo knitting needles made from a skewer cut down to sized and split.  I wonder if they would really work for knitting, I wouldn’t know since I never learned how to knit.
Here’s the updated list:
  • doll headbands
  • halters
  • camera
  • stamps
  • painting supplies
  • knitting supplies
  • video
  • face magnets
Six down, just two more to go.  The video should be up in a few days, and I should finish the list off this weekend.  Assuming I don’t come up with another surprise project like last weekend.

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