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Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Pink and Lace

Yesterday I mentioned something about wearing the shirt I redid with something else I made.   
photos 1029
Here it is, I had some leftover material from that last dress I made (see Two Days Time), so I made another one.  This time it’s without sleeves which made it a little faster. 
photos 1028
This time I tried to do a little shirring, never done it before, wonder if I will do it again since I had some trouble with it.  The elastic kept on coming undone.  At least it’s working, the fit is way better and it is easier to get on.  When I wore it to church I got several compliments, and so many people were surprised to hear I made it myself.  That’s always nice to hear I guess.  One of our neighbors actually asked me to make one for her, she was willing to pay too.  But I turned her down,  I’m still not confident enough in my sewing to make clothing to sell.  I’m afraid I might screw up the sizing or something, it’s better to stick with my tote bags and stuff.  I have never had any buyers complain about their handkerchiefs being too small. 

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