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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good for Me, and Some of You Too

blogawardGood news, a few days ago Eco Friendly Freckles awarded me the “I heart your blog” award.  Cool, I’ve never gotten a blog award before.  If I understand the rules correctly, I’m supposed link to the person who gave the award and follow them, then post this cute button on my blog, and then give the award to 15 others of my choice.  Only 15?  I know way more great blogs than that.  It took me a few days to narrow it down, but here are my choices:

  1. New Dress a Day
  2. Casey’s Minis
  3. Experimentalk
  4. Makelovely’s Blog
  5. Tea Rose Home
  6. Dollar Store Crafts
  7. Violet Elephant
  8. Michele Made Me
  9. Geek Crafts
  10. Chic Steals
  11. Painting the Roses Pink
  12. Totally Tutorials
  13. UK Lass in US
  14. Zakka Life
  15. Home Sweet Homebodies

Congratulations everyone.


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