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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Singing With Joy

1harvest005A lot of good things happened today.  First off, I finally got around to cleaning my room, so I can actually see the floor now.  Not that it’s nice to look at, the carpet is an ugly color.  Second, while cleaning I found my taps shoes, spent a good deal of the day wearing and using them too.  It would appear that my tap skills are a little rusty.  Most importantly though, today was the first rehearsal for choir.  I’m sure I have mentioned before that I sing in the Chamber Choir at my church.  We usually stop meeting during Summer, to sort of take a break.  I know vacations are good and all, but waiting for Choir to start back up again has been pure agony for me.  It feels so weird to go that long without singing with everyone.  Especially when I go to church and people keep asking me if I miss singing up with the choir, well duh! Of course I do.  So I am so glad and incredibly relieved to be back.  And hopefully this season will go super well too.

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